Roof Mechanics carries a 6″ k-style gutter and is made of aluminum. Our 6”k-style system uses a 3 inch x 4 inch downspout. They are manufactured and roll formed to full length onsite to your roofing and home improvement specification.

Roof Mechanics offers six inch gutters and accessories that are strong and durable and come in a variety of 6 different colors and is available in .027 and 032 aluminum.

Why is guttering important to your home?

Rain gutters direct rain water runoff away from the foundation of your home. Failure to do this can cause problems with your foundation, splash back that will rot wood siding and framing, and moisture content that attracts insect infestations. All of these can become very expensive for you and creates the need for more materials to be used to correct the problems.

Guttering Components

Gutters are a small but critical part of a building’s roofing system. Here’s an illustration to give you a firsthand look at the various accessories necessary to complete a gutter system & how they piece together. (Click photo to enlarge)

Traditional Painted Aluminum

  • Factory-baked finish
  • Flexible for roll forming
  • Exterior durability

Duel-Tone Painted Aluminum

Created through a specialized two-coat process high performance exterior finish.

End Caps for K-Style

6″ right or left

Colour Selection:

30˚ White Royal Brown Black
Sherwood Musket Brown Tuxedo Grey
Copper Dark Bronze Heritage Cream

Rectangular Elbows

  • 3″ x 4″ 75˚
  • A or B

Miters for K-Style

  • 6”, 90°, Strip, Outer or Inner
  • 6”, 90°, Box, Outer or Inner

Miter Strip Color Selection

Traditional Painted Aluminum

30˚ White Royal Brown Black
Sherwood Musket Brown Tuxedo Grey
Copper Dark Bronze Heritage Cream

Outlets for flat-bottom gutter

  • 3″ oval
  • Available in black or white

Rain Water Down Pipe

10ft Aluminum Rain Water Down Pipe

Downspout Pipe Band


Gutter Bracket

Reverse Bead HR Heavy Duty Hidden Hanger

Sealant – Nitrile Rubber Base

Geocel Pro Flex Flexible Sealant