Nutech Colors

Color Options

Colours are available in Nuflex®, Tileflex 2000®, NXT Cool Zone® Infrared Heat Reflecting Roof Coatings – also available in white and coloring matching is also available at an added cost.

NXT Cool Zone TSA Ratings per colour:

Colours here are representative only and may appear differently according to your computer screen. Feel free to contact us to discuss what colour options would be best suited for you.

NXT Cool Zone – Additional Pastel Colours

Step-by-Step Process

Step 1: Cleaning

Step 2: Roof Repairs

Step 3: Ridge Cap Repairs

Step 4: Repainting with Nutech Flexible Paint

Step 5: Priming

Step 6: First Coat

Step 7: Second Coat

Step 8: Finished Job